At Bamford Medical we appreciate your feedback.  Without it we cannot make changes or improve the services we provide.  If you have any concerns or suggestions you are welcome to discuss this with any of the staff or you can email the

Sometimes, medical treatment may not be acceptable. You have a right to express your concern and to have this heard and acted on. Anyone can make a complaint about a health service.

Steps in making a complaint

Go local first: contact the practice. Talking to the practice manager, receptionist, doctor or nurse.

Act quickly: talk to someone as soon as possible, as the longer you wait the less clear the facts become and the harder it can be to find a solution.

Make it clear:

  • describe the incident
  • explain the order which things happened
  • include dates where possible
  • list any phone calls, letters or meetings
  • explain what action you would like the health service to take.

Make a formal complaint: 

If you do not wish to talk about your concerns with the staff or they have not been able to address your concerns, you can make a formal complaint. A complaint can be made in person, by phone, or in writing. The formal complaint process depends on whether you are complaining about a private or a public health service.

Office of the Health Ombudsman 

You can download a complaint form from

Or Email:

In writing

Director, Business Innovation
Office of the Health Ombudsman
PO Box 13281, George Street, Brisbane Q 4003

Telephone: 133 OHO (133 646) to make a verbal complaint.